Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Itch Got Scratched!

Still under the weather but I had to go out yesterday and today to run errands and try to find an interview suit. Dontcha know I had to stop by TJs and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the apothecary jar I was lusting after from my last trip. It is now filled with cute wooden Easter eggs on a bed of paper grass. I also found the perfect canister to store Miss Mima the Diva's food in. We have to feed her up on the tile decking around the spa tub so the dogs don't eat it. I hated having that food bag on my cute towel shelf so TJ to the rescue. I also bought one of those cute blown glass purses (decorative) in black and white (I had the perfect spot for it in my bedroom). Did I NEED the cute pink enamel bucket that was a mere $4.99??? NOOOOOO, but it just hopped in my basket and said take me home (it will be used in the hall bath that I'm going to paint chocolate brown and use cream and pink family thinks I'm nuts). But the thing that I was most excited to find are the darling black peep toe sling back Bandolino pumps with the darling bow across the toe for the interview... and they were half price, *sigh*.

Today after making my whirlwind shopping trip through Macy's I stopped by Home Goods. I found a cute little sign to hang in my bathroom that says "Chocolate makes my clothes shrink". I've got to get back on track with healthy eating and more exercise. Nothing confirmed that more than my shopping trip! As I was getting ready to check out I found an adorable bunny planter for the patio. The weather is supposed to be 70 by the end of the week so I plan to plant some flowers in it and use it on the patio table with the cute yellow polka dot tablecloth and pastel striped napkins I stole, um I mean bought for a very low price, kind of like stealing ;o). I'll try to upload some pics of my finds later. This girl has GOT to stay away from the stores for awhile. Looks like I'll need to concentrate on painting the long list of stuff the Bride has purloined from my stash and wants for her nest.

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