Friday, March 14, 2008

Living on the Edge

What a crazy week! News of the promotion, projects coming out the wazoo, trying to get things in order at my desk for the May 1st move (provided we get a qualified replacement in there to train a week or two before the 1st) and an unexpected trip to the car dealership to "check out" a new car. Now I'm living on the Edge, or in the Edge since it is my new transportation to and from work. I couldn't find a bigger picture in the color we bought (light sage metallic) than the one above. I'm loving this car! We had thought for some time we would buy a Ford Fusion but the need to haul "stuff" pushed us over the Edge, so to speak. I had adamantly said I WOULD NOT buy a car Thursday night. Nope. I NEVER buy a car the first day I see it. But we got such a smokin' deal we couldn't pass it up. The Prodigal Son is a former Ford salesman and he told us we would be crazy to pass up the deal they were offering us. Sooooo, finally at 8:30 in the evening the car was ours and we were able to leave and grab a bite of dinner before the 30 minute drive home. No buyers remorse from this girl. I won't miss driving the ten year old, low riding muscle car Mustang with 180,000 miles on it that sounds like it will fall apart any day (although it still drives ok). I wonder if The Prodigal Son told us to jump on the new car deal because he had already staked a claim to the Mustang? Yep, this girl is Living on the Edge....Ford Edge that is.

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tammy said...

how, exciting!! Isn't great to drive around in a new car? Enjoy livin' in the Edge. ;o)