Friday, April 2, 2010

Whirl me up Scotty!

OK, OK, I know it should say "beam me up Scotty" but in honor of my big surprise birthday prezzie, I've changed it to "whirl" me up Scotty. You see, the comedian really pulled a big surpise on me and got me this for my birthday:

I'd been coveting one of these for a loooooong time but have been in frugalista mode and wasn't about to spend the money on one. It is hard to be mad at someone who #1 actually listened and got you something you actually wanted #2 got a fab price (and $30 Kohl's bucks to spend) and #3 he was sooooo proud of himself.

It's been a good birthday other than the fact that now I'm older than dirt (again!). The Prodigal Son and the Cute Redhead got me a new fancy coffee travel mug (I can never find a clean one around here when I want one and now everyone KNOWS I'm the sole user of my nifty new mug), the Bride took me to lunch, the Queen Bee and The Papa and The Nana gave me $$$$ (I see a shopping trip in my near future) and #1 Son is coming for dinner tonight (hey, it's ok that I made dinner cause it was his birthday Monday and my stew is one of his favorite meals). Today was a paid holiday from work and I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off as vacation days. Yaaaay me!!!

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CottageBliss said...

Happy Birthday!!

Very nice cache you got there! And family...I'd say it was a wonderful and special birthday.

I am thinking Bride is your little girl?? Wow, time does fly. Can we have possibly known each other for close to 20 years?