Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Weather Cooking

We are in summer mode here.  It is hot.  106 degrees hot.  We had a cool down to 101 today. What to do when the weather gets hot?  Cook your dinner on the grill with the help of the microwave.  I batched cooked lime marinade bs chicken breasts (equal parts lime juice (3 limes) and olive oil, liberally sprinkle in lime pepper and easy on the salt since lime is slightly salty).  Marinate over night for best flavor.  I cooked sweet corn on the cob in the microwave, sliced up some tomatoes from the garden and fixed these

(picture by Erin Chase at 5dollardinners.com)

Here is the link to the recipe: 
http://www.5dollardinners.com/2010/07/grilled-red-potatoes.html. They were sooo delish.  Next time I will cook them no more than 20 minutes or they will fall apart.  We have a charcoal grill so I put them over the hot part so they would get nice and crispy on the outside.   I served them with sour cream and fresh chives from the garden.  Wowsers, it's a do over for sure.


Josh said...

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Dawn said...

I finally made it by, sorry it took me a few days! The meal sounds wonderful. I've never done potatoes on the grill. I usually do it the other way around, corn on the grill, 'taters in the microwave! LOL!