Sunday, February 12, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland, going down, down, down the rabbit hole.  The rabbit hole of Pinterest.  I've resisted until this past week and Lord have mercy, I could stay up all night looking at the images!  I'm a very visual person.  I love being able to pin all of my decorating ideas on boards so I can gather it all in one place. 

We're currently redecorating the family room/den.  I mean starting from scratch baby.  The paint color and new hardwood flooring has been picked out.  One chair and lamp bought and the entertainment unit on order.  We'll order the sofa, chair and half, occasional chair and cocktail table in April.  I have two pieces of furniture to paint (after getting one reglued).  The big basket from Pottery Barn will be ordered today.  The last piece of the puzzle will be to find an area rug.  Click the Pinterest button above to take you to my boards.

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