Friday, March 21, 2008

Going Green

I know, I know, St. Paddy's day has already passed. But the Cottage is going in solar. With the costs of electricity going up and a hot summer ahead, the decision was made to put a solar unit on the house. You see, the Queen Bee will be 85 next month and the hot summer months get harder for her to endure. I want her to be cool and comfortable this summer. We're not home during the day but the Queen's end of the house still needs to stay cool during the day. The unit we are putting on the house should take care of nearly 100% of our electricity needs. That's the balancing game you have to play with solor. If you bank more than you use, you're giving your electric company FREE energy. We do have some things around here that run on natural gas (heat, water, cooktop). But we didn't see that electricity prices were going to get any cheaper so we decided to take the plunge with the solar unit. Yep, by gosh and by Gorrah, the Cottage is going green

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Cottage said...

Sounds awesome!!