Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pond update

We've just about completed the pond project. Here are some pics from this weekend. I forget to come out in the morning to get pics (that's when the light is best) so these will have to do for now. We moved a rose bush on the right side that was interfering with the sprinklers. The Comedian graded the dirt more to slope down to the drain (thank goodness our landscapers worked with me 3 years ago on planning forward towards the day we would have the pond in and the landscaping completed). I planted a bunny topiary I bought from a high school ag class last fall (he had been in a pot on the patio) and surrounded him with colorful annual plants.

We need to get one more piece of flagstone to complete the walkway to the right of the pond (I tried to tell The Comedian we needed one more...would he listen? Noooooo). The lighting is complete and it looks so cozy around the pond at night. The last phase will be to install lighting around the grass area and flower beds and mulch that area. What a process this has been. It has consumed most weekends for the past month. But it is ohhhh so worth it.

Looking closely at the photos I've taken makes me realize I really need to work harder on my photo composition (and I need a good photo editing program). The grass looks a little pathetic right now as the bermuda hasn't fully come out of dormancy plus our old mama dog burns the grass with her peepee (price of being an animal lover). Our backyard has become our retreat. We love how we feel when we're back there. The next several days I will be working on sprucing up the patio furniture with a fresh coat of paint and painting some very large pots (my mother rescued them from her aunt's home).

I have projects up the wazoo right now. In typical fashion I've added to my list. I started this post on Sunday and it is now Wednesday (busy, BUSY week). On my way home from the hairdresser's tonight I stopped by Marshall's. Wouldn't you know I found the PERFECT shabby chic bedding for the guest room (it's EXACTLY what I had pictured in my mind to go with the fabric I bought on Ebay this week). As everyone who ever shops at Marshall's knows, you buy it when you see or it might not be there next time. Stay tuned next month for pics of the guest room redo.

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basketlover93 said...

Beautiful little "pond"! Your back yard is so pretty!