Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ok, I think I've had a huge revelation. Bear with me now...the cat is out of the bag...I'm not very good at this blogging stuff. Oh, the want to is there. But criminy, my life just isn't very interesting! I read other blogs of the genre that I like (mostly decorating and gardening) and would like mine to be kind of like, but I sure don't get enough accomplished around here to crow about. Guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself. It's been an ugly week and the last time I tried to blog I lost the whole frickin' entire post before I could hit save (hmmmm, it seems blogger is now automatically saving my post...why didn't it do that a couple of days ago???). I guess I'm just majorly having a pity party. Wanna join me? My second interview for the job downstairs went ok but I TOTALLY blew the skills test. I've never done that before. So, then I think, did I not really want the job? Am I feeling insecure? Will it cause more stress in my life? I guess the answer is yes, yes and yes. I could soooo use the raise, but would the money really be worth it? Oh well, I'm expecting the call from HR by Monday saying, sorry, you didn't get it. Then I will probably breathe a big sigh of relief. So this week was a two fer...two revelations for the price of one!

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