Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Want This!!!

Ok, ok, I know I said I needed to quit spending money but as I was going through some bookmarks I came across this little gem I want it for multiple reasons. #1, it will fabulous on the chocolate brown walls I plan to paint the hall bath (I plan to accessorize with cream and pink after I paint the cabinets cream...they're only three years old!...but they need to be light to balance the dark walls). #2, it plain just makes me smile. I love roses. Always have, always will (except when my mother surprises me with 15 bare root rose bushes that need planting!). #3, it is named after my daughter-in-law known here as Red. Red makes me smile. She is such a crackup and she makes The Prodigal Son very happy. They are so much fun to watch and listen to. He is Mr. Metrosexual. She told me once, I never thought I would marry someone prettier than I am, a better cook and housekeeper than I am and a better dresser than I am...too funny! He picks out her clothes and tells her what to put with what. They are good for each other, have been through a lot and have a lot of love. God I miss them! I want them to move back here sooooooo bad. But I doubt that will happen. Soooo this brings me back to wanting that print. It will remind me of Red and The Prodigal Son everytime I look at it.

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