Monday, March 24, 2008

Two down, a bazillion to go

Sometimes I think I must be the queen of unfinished projects. We moved into the cottage three years ago. Four months later the Queen Bea moved in too. We combined two households with a collective 78 years of "stuff". I'm trying to slowly chip away at the collection of projects. Things that need a little sprucing up, shabbying up (is shabbying a word?) or whatever to make it "fit" into the our cottage style. Last week on my day off I managed to complete two projects (besides the continuing pond project). Here is the before pic of a cup rack and plate rack. I've had both for a long time and they needed a little tweaking to fit in at the cottage.

A little creamy paint, a little burnt umber glaze and now we have a better "fit". I picked up the sweet little black and cream toile mugs at T.J.s on the clearance shelf. I think they look pretty cute on the mug rack. The paint job looks a little more washed out than it is because of the flash. I need to find that darned manual for my digi camera so I can figure out how to take pics manually without flash. That is on my list of the bazillion projects I have left to do.

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tammy said...

Your projects turned out great!! We should all make a list of those lovely projects and then challenge ourselves to complete at least one a week. (bonus points for more!LOL)

Oh, and I have the same problem with my digital camera and I don't even know where the manual is. Know what I do?? Stick my finger over the flash. works. ;)