Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh Fall, where for art thou?

Fall is slow to come to this big, hot valley. Can't you just envision a walk along this lakeshore and then retiring to a rustic log cabin and sipping hot cider? I'm sooooo ready to enjoy a cup of steaming coffee in the evening (decaf, of course!) or some yummy hot cicer and put on some lightweight sweaters and smell fall in the air. But it is not to be for awhile yet. We pretty much have two temperatures here...HOT...and nice. We have a very short spell of cold in December and January (truly only about 6 weeks long and with it comes F-O-G if we've had a rainy fall). I need to finish up some outside projects but it is just too blooming hot. I'm having a bridal shower on the patio in 3 weeks and need to get the backyard spruced up. Maybe I should do like our ancestors and have a barn raising, er, um, I mean yard sprucing party. Wonder how many takers I would get?

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tammy said...

Aww, if I lived close by I would attend your garden sprucing. ;) It has been feeling like fall here and I am starting to think about those Family Soup Nights that I mentioned earlier. Then today it go so muggy and warm. Bleck!! I love the cooler temps. Hopefully, you will soon feel some of that!