Friday, October 3, 2008

A Hunter on the Loose

This morning I was quite rudely awakened by Miss Mimi meowing quite loudly with a meow I had never heard from her before. I knew her food bowl was full, water was in the other bowl and litter in her box. I normally get up at 5:30 but dragged myself out of bed to see what her problem was. I checked all the bowls and gave her a little rub. She followed me into the w.c. still letting me know quite adamantly that she wanted attention. It wasn't until I finished my duty and flipped on the light in the shower when I saw why she was making so much noise. Smack in the middle of the shower she left me a present. Not a pretty one all wrapped up. Nooooooo, it was a very...dead...field mouse. A very LARGE field mouse. She was so proud of herself. Miss Mimi you see was an indoor kitty the first four years of her life. When she came to live at the cottage we would leave the french door in our bedroom open so she could go explore. It was very funny at first watching her. She had NO idea what grass was. The yard is very secure and has 7 ft. high fencing all the way around with no horizontal rails so she can't climb it. Fast forward 20 months and now you can see Miss Mimi lounging on the patio on balmy afternoons and begging to go out at night. I guess she must have gotten bored and decided to take up hunting. I informed The Comedian we would no longer be sleeping with the french door open at night!


Kim said...

Oh my dear! That gives me the willies! :::shudder::: When we lived on the farm, our cat would bring us "treasures" all the time...mostly frogs, small snakes and moles. ICK! ICK! ICK!!

tammy said...

Awww, she left you a little present!! How "sweet" of her. Sounds like she was excited to show you, too! hehe Our dog has brought us a few dead squirrels and some dead moles, but fortunately they never made it to our shower floor. ;)