Saturday, April 4, 2009


I feel like the space ship above reentering earth's atmosphere. Jetting through life at the speed of sound! But it is springtime around the cottage where life appears new and fresh. I've made the decision to reenter the blog world...posting on my own blog that is. I've always enjoyed reading other blogs especially if they are about cottage decorating or turning someone else's trash into treasure. I've spent the last three months wondering if I should give up my own feeble attempt at blogging. I have to admit, this whole blasted foot surgery and recuperation has thrown me for a loop. Throw in a topsy turvy household (remember, we have five adults from three generations, three dogs and a cat living in the cottage), a demanding full time out of the house job with commute, and well, you can understand why I haven't posted in a long time. It has taken waaaay more energy than I had ever imagined to recover from the surgery. I'm at about 75% now and I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have soooo many projects lined up it is ridiculous. I am the thinker of great ideas and the biggest procastinator you've ever seen. I had to contemplate whether anything I do is even remotely interesting to others and the fact I'm lax in taking pictures (plus I'm not a very good photographer). Then I realized, blogging was really an outlet for me when I was actively posting. So on with the show!

Today we say goodbye to an old friend. When my daughter was in 3rd grade she inherited her great grandmother's piano (Sissy was a music teacher). She took lessons for 7+ years but during her high school years it was difficult to devote the time to piano when she had a demanding school schedule as well as cheer leading, singing in the concert choir and elite ensemble. All this background served her well in her liberal studies with music emphasis major in college. She starts a long term substitute teaching position this month as a choir director at the high school and middle school she attended. She is very excited and needs to brush up on her piano. To tell you the truth, I'm glad it is exiting the den as it is in The Comedian's "man room" and we have plans to finish the "man" decor in there and the cottagey piano with it's decorations wasn't cutting it. Too bad I had already taken all the cottagey decor off the top of the piano. As usual, I think of taking a picture after I've taken it all apart. You would think a girl would learn!`

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tammy said...

LOL...from other pictures you have shared of your house, I KNEW there was decorations missing from that picture. Glad you are back. I love seeing your projects. Now stick a big sign somewhere that screams PICTURE FIRST!!! ;) (I have to admit that I still sometimes do that myself, though)