Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lost in the Digital Age???

Life is a whirling blur around me. I'm trying to keep up on soooo many levels it isn't even funny! The Papa is on the last of his journey on this earth. He wants to go Home and be with Jesus but Heaven isn't quite ready for him yet. My dear Daddy left this earth suddenly in his sleep. It definitely is the much easier road. We are spending much time at The Papa's house and this is where life has become a little blurry. You see we have The Queen Bee (who is 86) living with us and The Prodigal Son with his wife The Cute Redhead and Psychodoggy (a Black Schipperke). We have had many issues to deal with concerning them, toss in my full time, high energy job, a recovering from surgery foot and The Papa's soon to be Homegoing and well, you get the picture. You wonder what this has to do with my Post Title today I bet. To show just how my mind is lost in this spinning blur I will tell you a story. Friday was our big annual Support Staff Conference at work. An all day affair with many vendors, workshops and special speakers. I noticed shortly before the first speaker got up I was feeling a little "damp". I turned to my coworker and said "I think I forgot to put on deoderant today". I mulled through my mind what order my morning "toilette" had taken and realized, yep, I had indeed forgotten. The first speaker got up to welcome us and he talked about todays' students being part of the first totally digital generation. He had placed at everyone's place setting a paper full of abbreviations they use while texting, facebooking or tweeting. I put my head down on the table and moaned "I can't remember to put on my deoderant and they expect me to remember all of these abbreviations???" It was at that point I realized that I thought I was pretty techno savvy, but I'm really just lost in the Digital Age.

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tammy said...

I've had many forget the deoderant days...but fortunately being at home, I can always run and take care of that! So, were the abbreviations really out there...or did you know most of them?