Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Bountiful Harvest

I'm sorry to disappear again after I said I was going to try to be better about blogging.  But I had a good reason.  The Papa is on his way out of this earthly world.  His leukemia has reared it's ugly head.  Between work and going to the hospital, I'm spent.

Today I tended to domestic chores and my sadly neglected garden.  Boy, you can't let that thing get out of control!  This is what I harvested this morning:

My tomatoes are going nutso.  I am growing four varieties.  The small cherry tomatoes are called sweet 100's and they are like eating candy!  The larger cherries didn't have a tag on them to tell me the variety but they are really good too.  I picked two small hot peppers (ya baby, there is salsa in my future), a green pepper and a zucchini.  We had the zucchini with ranch dip for dinner.  The larger tomatoes made an appearance in my lunch.

There is absolutely nothing better than a BLT with tomatoes fresh from the garden.  I can hardly wait till I can grow lettuce again.  It is still fairly hot here so I'll probably wait a week or two to plant the lettuce and spinach seeds.  I want to totally revamp the garden (the zucchini and tomato plants have totally taken over).  My basil is going gangbusters too so I'll probably make some pesto tomorrow.  Yummo!

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tammy said...

YUM!!! We've had BLT's a couple of times the past few weeks. You just can't help it with gorgeous just picked tomatoes. I've also made pesto a few times this month. Doesn't it feel so good to bring in your own food from the garden??