Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's That Time of Month Again

NO, not THAT time of the month, lol.  That hasn't happened to me in many years.  It's the last week of the month.  It's always a dreaded time for me.  You see, I get paid once a month (the downside of working in education).  Sooo, the last week of the month is when I start ahem, "creating" new meals/menus based on what's in the freezer and pantry.  Plus, to tell you the truth, I'm just pretty much out of motivation or inspiration.  That's not entirely true.  The motivation is the checkbook is pretty skinny right now.  The inspiration?  Na, that's not happening so much.  Plus our near 100 degree temps don't help one to be inspired (unless it's to eat out...which isn't happening!). 

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