Friday, September 3, 2010

A new "normal"

The past month has been a veritable blur.  So much time spent at the much time spent at the bedside of a dying loved much time spent making much time spent taking care of bills and paperwork that aren't even much time spent helping a loved one with memory loss adjust to her loss...loss of husband, loss of home, loss of self identity.  So we settle into our new "normal".  Through all of this I must say I have been very impressed and deeply touched at how well The Comedian has handled this new normal.  Today I took a vacation day to journey over to The Nana's house to clear things out so the The Bride and Groom can move in later this month.  We aren't ready to sell the house because of the poor housing market so we will rent it to them and know it is in good hands.  I have sooo many projects at the home front untouched and neglected.  My bills and paperwork are stacking up waiting for some attention.  I either want to bury my head in the sand or run screaming from all that needs to be done.  But I'll take each day as it comes.  Learning to deal with my new "normal".


Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Papa. Although it's a blessing when their suffering here ends we still miss them so. Tne new normal takes some getting use to. It sounds like you have your hands full. Remember to take time for yourself once in ahwile. I know it's hard when you still have so much to mangage but it's a must!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

i am so very sorry to hear of your loss. it really can rock your world and be so very difficult to wrap your arms around. take time to grieve and to also remember all of the blessings that you had with your papa. thinking about life with him will help your heart and soul. your faith is wonderful - and yes, we will all be together again with our loved ones.

God bless you and yours,