Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Purging I will go, a purging I will go...

...hi ho the derrio, a purging I will go.  And I don't mean purging as in puking my guts out, lol.  I've had "stuffitis" these last few months and have been clearing stuff out and trying to reorganize in hopes of doing a little redecorating.  Even though I'm down and out with a nasty cold/sinus infection, I can still go through old magazines while sitting here and keep the (few) pages I want and toss the rest.  Really, with so much available to us online, why keep the mags?  Don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than to sit with a hot cup of coffee and peruse some beautiful pics in the magazines but my time is limited so I'm trying to scale down on purchasing magazines and either get the online version, or just use my blog perusing to satisfy my visual urges.  I have resisted getting bit by the Pinterest bug because I know once I do, I'll get NOTHING accomplished!

I've just ordered this set from Kohl's for our bedroom:
Madison Park Dune 7-pc. Comforter Set

and am coveting this for the end of the bed (which the Comedian really likes too):

Safavieh Hampton Pillow top Bench Beige.Opens in a new window
and I plan to move some accessories around and repaint the old roll top desk (which I have taken the roll top off of and plan to use my grandfather's desk chair).  Oh, so typical of me to have soooo many grandiose plans but will the time and energy follow?  Let's see how many things I can pull off before the end of this decade!!!

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