Monday, December 31, 2012

Ah yes, the infrequent blogger strikes again!  Yes, life has been crazy.  But somehow I still survive and on it goes.  I won't bore you with the details, but life has changed dramatically (again) for us this past 4 months.  I've many things to share over the next days (weeks...months???).  But like many people right now with the new year looming (2013 in another day?  really?), I reflect on goals for the new year.  The Prodigal Son, Cute Redhead, Munchkin #2 and Devil Dog moved out in August.  I don't need to buy or cook food in the quanitities I did before.  I have self imposed dietary restrictions and the Comedian watches his portions and carbs too.  The Queen Bee?  Well, she'll pretty much eat anything (and everything. except burritos. go figure.) that are put in front of her.  Sorry, I'm getting windy here.  The whole point is, I'm joining the Pantry Challenge so I can #1, clean out the pantry and freezer, #2 lower the grocery bill this month (I was able to get it down to $270 last month) and #3 be a better steward of what we have.  Since tomorrow we as a nation will probably be going over the Fiscal Cliff, I'm going to try to tighten up our fiscal belt at the Cottage and hope for the best (nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?).  I dare you to try it too!

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