Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year, new beginnings.
An hour long walk along the Pacific Ocean can really clear the brain and give one a little perspective on life and the beauty of His majesty.  I can't imagine looking at that view and doubting God's existance.  It felt so good to enjoy the cold wind on my face and the mist of the surf and give my legs a good workout.
I realize that I really fell short on some personal relationships this past year.  I'm hoping to start fresh with this new year and make some meaningful changes in my life.  I've entered a little different phase this year as I try to gear down and look forward to retirement in 2015.  The biggest problem I have is learning how to gear down!  I'm so used to having twenty things on my plate at once that it is very difficult for me to focus on just one or two important things at a time.
Goal #1 - finish painting the big hutch in the breakast room and clean out and organize the pantry and cabinets.  When you have five people putting things away in the kitchen, it can all become a jumble. 
Goal #2 - organize the office.  This past fall we painted the entry, den, living room, main hall, kitchen/breakfast room, hall bath and small hall and put hardwood floors in all of those spaces except the kitchen/breakast room.  I painted the office which became the nursery before Munchkin #2 inhabited the room and now we need to move in the computer hutch, my desk (which I have to paint) and have grandma's old platform rocker slip covered.  While this is being done I'll be taking old paperwork to a shred event and organize said desks.  I'm an administrative assistant by trade so being organized is very important to me.
I could go on with more goals but if I can accomplish these two major goals (that involve a bunch of mini goals) in January and February, I'll be a happy camper.  Can you tell organization is very important to me?  I just need some calm in my life and absence of clutter.  Have you set any goals for yourself in 2013?


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