Monday, February 18, 2008

My aching back!


The pond stud muffins did a fabulous job but the comedian and I needed to add some "touches" around the pond. Let's see, adding another 350 lbs. of rock around the pond qualifies as a touch as does planting 15 pots of greenery and color. This was after working in the yard pulling, pruning and planning for 3 hours. Why oh why do I get myself into these messes? Spring will start bursting forth in another 2 weeks (that's what I love about living here...I hate the 110 degree summer days) and the plants will start to fill out. Phase two of the pond is done, the patio was cleaned off and phase three planning has begun. Phase three will consist of more plants, maybe a few more rocks and a few statuary pieces. As we sat in our bedroom at dusk admiring our work through the window a dove flew down and took a drink from the upper waterfall and strutted around. Ahhhhh, that makes it all worth it.


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