Saturday, March 29, 2008

What Do the Simple Folk Do?

This morning I'm reminded of a song from Camelot. The first couple of lines are Guenevere singing to Arthur "What do the simple folk do, To help them escape when they're blue?". Not that I'm blue, it's just that I'm enjoying a TOTALLY L-A-Z-Y day. I can't even remember when I last had a day like this. Coffee and breakfast on the patio enjoying the sounds of the waterfalls. Walking around the yard snipping here and snipping there to spruce up a Japanese Maple that is leafing out or a rose bush ready to spring forth in full bloom. Picking a few snails off the orange tree while inhaling deeply of the wonderful citrus blossoms. Sitting on the patio and sipping more coffee in my pajamas, robe and slippers while reading my book. I told The Comedian that I'm taking a vacation on my patio. It is noon now. Time to clean up I guess. What DO the simple folk do?

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