Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Reflections

Today I'm reflectng on "define your style". I love lots of decorating styles (except contemporary, I am NOT contemporary!). I guess cottage best describes my style (gosh, are you blog is Biggleswade COTTAGE for heaven's sake). I love the slightly worn and lived in comfort of cottage. Painted furniture with worn edges. Things that look like they have a history to them. The wonderful textures of old floral fabrics. Things don't have to match (in fact I love it when they don't). My mother loves traditional. She loves more formal (read that stuffy) and stiff with lots of glitz. I'm not into glitz and certainly not into stiff. The challenge has been blending the styles. After church today The Comedian and I went looking for patio furniture. We have two round table/chair sets out there but now we need some comfy and cozy lounging furniture. We both fell in love with a wicker style set from Martha Stewart. We're still mulling it over as we also found a really comfy chair and a half and ottoman at Costco. I came home with the sweet little bell cloche above. I told The Comedian when I got in the car (and he thought we were done shopping!) that I had just bought his Mother's Day present to me. I loooove me some cottage!

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She'sSewPretty said...

I love cottage style too. I love that wicker chair and a half at Costco! I'd spend hours on it.