Saturday, May 3, 2008


I am a very task and goal oriented person. When I set about doing the task at hand, watch out! There is no haphazard or second rate job in my book (did you guess I'm a Type A?). I will just about kill myself sometimes to get a big job completed. When I say I'm going to clean out the garage The Comedian runs in fear of his life. He get soooo overwhelmed at a big task that he just totally shuts down. I've had some really major things I've wanted to accomplish around here. **Drum roll please, I got my closet cleaned out! Now you might not think this is such a big deal but this closet is 8x13 ft. and the ceiling is 10 ft. high. Baby, it's a CLOSET and a half.

I still have a little more I want to do but the big organizational stuff is done.
I rewarded myself with two new pairs of shoes from TJ Maxx. I'll admit I've been called Imelda (as in Marcos) more than once in my life. Tomorrow I'm determined to get my armoire cleaned out and organized. Hmmmmm, what should be my reward if I complete that task???

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