Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Reflections

Best laid plans can go awry. Story of my life! I thought I would be working on the armoire or perhaps even painting the chest of drawers for the "guest" room (also known as my grandson's room since he occupies it 50% of the time). The Comedian surprised me today as he actually made arrangements to borrow a truck so we could get some patio lounge furniture. After church we drove to two Costcos. The one on the side of town we were closest too didn't have what we wanted. We drove to the Costco in our town (20 minutes away) and found the "lolling chair and ottoman" we wanted (actually it is more like a curved love seat). After struggling with the humongous box, getting it home and in place, we needed to deliver the painted hutch top (that I finally finished painting) to the desk set of the Bride back on the other side of town where we started (the Bride lives in that area). After much discussion I was able to convince The Comedian we should drive BACK to our town to Kmart and check out the Martha Stewart Singer Island wicker chairs we liked. We waited an eternity in the understaffed store for them to get two chairs for us and then as we were carrying them out we discovered one of the cushions was ripped so back we went and waited what seemed hours (ok, maybe 15-20 minutes) and happily came home and put everything together. Being a true type A I had to clean off the patio, arrange everything, place pots of flowers around, clean off the patio tables and now ahhhhhhh, sweet bliss as I type while sitting on my lolling chair enjoying the cool evening breeze and gorgeous sunset. I'm too tuckered out to get the camera and take some pics. Maybe I'll have the energy in the morning. Sunday's reflection is *best laid plans can sometimes turn out wonderfully in spite of ourselves*.

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