Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Reflections...Define Your Bliss

We all have our own idea of what "bliss" is to us. I'm a cottage kind of gal. I love cottage gardens. Things that are worn and have a history. But I also live with a man who lets me do pretty much whatever I want as far as decorating is concerned (he lived in a pink Victorian bedroom for many years!). Sometimes though, I give in to his bliss. A couple of years ago he bought this Civil War chess set in Cambria. He has always been a Civil War buff and he grew up playing chess. He fell in love with this set when he saw it. It has been neatly stashed away in the coat closet awaiting the "perfect" chessboard. This week we visited one of my favorite gift shops in Morro Bay. Unfortunately (for us that is) it is going out of business. The owner is looking forward to a more relaxed retirement. I spied this board in the window (she is open limited hours right now) and low and behold it was 50% off. I knew it would be the perfect playing field for Grant versus Lee in a chess match. Even though my style isn't Americana, it fits in well with the scheme of things in the living room. I just had to make way for The Comedian's bliss. Here's a close up of the chess pieces.

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Cottage said...

Your chess board is gorgeous!! Such a beautiful accent and conversation piece! My husband would love it.

I have really enjoyed your lovely photos of vacation...can't tell you how envious I was of you!

Thanks for the comment, I left one for you at my blog comment section.

I'd love to hear more about your Solar Unit!