Saturday, July 26, 2008

Under Construction

Today was a very productive but very tiring day. We demolished the drywall in the "guest" bedroom that is shared with the hall bath. The Prodigal Son and wife will be arriving in two weeks for an undetermined length of stay and you can hear EVERYTHING that is happening in the bathroom when you're in the bedroom. The Comedian and I tore out the sheet rock and he put in the insulation. Next weekend our construction man next door will install the quiet rock and then new sheet rock. His buddy will texture it and then I will prime and paint it. Hopefully we'll get it completed in time. The new bed for the room arrives Tuesday. The bride's piano (this was formerly her room) moves to the den which necessitated other moves. The little antique oak dresser that is where the piano will go will move to the guest room as a night stand. The sofa and love seat in the den were moved to different spots as were the two chairs. My beloved leather wingback recliner is back in the prime viewing spot in the den (yayyyy!). Lamps were cleaned, baseboards vacuumed and well darned if one little thing doesn't lead to another. We're both very tired but feel good.
Before the demo started this morning I completed two paint redos and will post pictures tomorrow. I also made a sweet little matte for a silhouette snapshot of the bride. When I think back, I realize I really accomplished a lot today! The Comedian and I celebrated our hard work with dinner at our fave ke-bob place. We also looked at a new sofa and love seat for the den but haven't decided whether we want to part with the money. Sure wish I were rich!

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