Monday, August 4, 2008

Post on the Run

I feel so guilty. I'm such a bad blogmaster (blogmeister? blog mama??...whatever!). Life just keeps getting crazier and I have had precious little time to take pictures let alone post them. But I promise to try to do it on Friday. The "guest" room should be done by Friday. It will be my cute little B&B room that will be taken over on Saturday by The Prodigal Son and wife. I already had most of the bed linens stashed away and the fabric waiting to be sewn into panels to hang by clip rings on a new rod. Anyhow, more details to follow by the end of the week and pictures....uh huh, I promise some pictures!


Cottage said...

That's ok, you take care of the busy work: life, that Comedian has to be a handful!, chief, sewing, cooking, shopping for groceries, and washing that new car and making lovely a new home for your family...oh, and then there is that new joy of yours, yep, I can see where you'd be BUSY!...we know the wait will be worth it!!

Cottage said...

JOB!...not joy, sorry.