Friday, August 8, 2008


Ok, sorry if I was yelling but I'm sooooooo in love with this lamp. I absolutely must have it for the "guest" room. I'm sure the Prodigal Son won't appreciate it at all. But Red, his adorable wife, will love it I'm sure. It is just sooooo cottagey and will look soooooo adorable on the night stand next to the bed in the "guest" room.

Today I finished up the painting (oy, my aching neck!), made the bed (I took the old white chippy double headboard and propped it up behind the queen bed), washed the window and starting bringing furniture back in. It is going to be so sweet when it is all put together. I can just picture his eye roll now. Maybe he'll get the message that I would REALLY like this to be a guest room again and although we're happy to have them (for awhile) it isn't a forever kind of thing. AND if he plans to stay in my house, he has to put up with my decorating. HaHa, the power a mother holds over her adult child!


Cottage said...

I love it too! It's perfectly Cottage, Perfectly sleek and modern.

Well, you know what I want to see before the Prodigal and Red arrive, right? One I don't want to wait a year!

So glad you are having fun with this project.


cmmurns said...

Your lamp is on sale right now at JCPENNEY for $39.99!!! Was $100