Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm baaaaaaack!

Sorry for the looooong pause in posting. I hadn't realized that the last four weeks have flown by with nary a post from moi. Let's see, where was I? Ah yes, the Prodigal Son returned with the cute redhead and black dog in tow. I had promised to post some pics of the newly repainted guest room. We decided to paint the headboard wall a little darker color. It looks more gold here than it actually is (in person it is more of a khaki color). The little shelf was repainted and antiqued. I planned to hang a cute picture over the bed with some wall sconces. I cleaned out the drawers of the little oak commode so it could be used for a nightstand and even lined the drawers with some vintage rose wallpaper *sigh*.

I had also planned to make some darling drapes in a vintagey rose print on a robin's egg blue background and hang some lace panels behind it. Oh yes, this room was going to be sooo adorable!

There were also plans in the works to paint this table a creamy white with an antiquey finish (but The Comedian was giving me flack over that one). I had some darling vintage things to put around the room and pictures to hang. Buuuutttttt, then the Prodigal son moved in with all of their "stuff" (and Lordy, do they have a lot of stuff!!!) and I gave up hope of completing my sweet cottage guest room until the current occupants move out. Fortunately the room has that nice big walk in closet you see emptied out in the picture. I was so sore from painting, packing and moving stuff I could hardly move for a week!

Life has been interesting lately if nothing else. Lots more food gets bought and cooked now (I forgot what a humongous appetite that boy has and yet he doesn't gain weight). We're all trying very hard to live communally (The Comedian calls it the Cherry Lane Kibbutz). It won't be forever....but probably longer than we want to even think about right now. Tomorrow I'll post the before pics and close ups of the after pics of that cute little stool under the table. You won't believe the difference.

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