Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Fall Pond

It's amazing how the pond changes with the seasons. As I mentioned previously, I hosted a bridal shower on our patio last month. I took these pics before the event.

It is fun to watch our fishies in the pond. They are called Shubunkin which is a cousin to the koi. We never have to feed them. In fact, we have four fish that were about an inch and a half long in March and now they're 5-6 inches long. There's been some hanky panky going on in the pond as we noticed a few weeks ago we have three baby fish! There might be more because they like to hide in the grottos and under the lily pad. If they keep this up, we might have to go into the fish business!!!


tammy said...

Wow...your little pond has really turned into a beautiful space. How cool about those fish and the babies. Must be doing something right! Never have to feed them? What do they eat?

Kim said...

Love your pond and I'm very jealous. We've had fish for 10 years and have never had babies. (We have 12 or 13 Koi or gold fish.)
We haven't been able to figure out how to get babies. Maybe ours just don't like to "hanky panky." LOL