Saturday, November 8, 2008


You know how some things just scream "M A K E O V E R" everytime you look at them? Well, I finally got around to a redo on two large pots that moved over to this house from the Queen Bee's house.

Honestly, I've got to take some classes on good photography. My picture look like I'm slightly tipsy! This is how these two pots transformed.

These pots house some red fountain grass and stand guard over our little lime tree (which produces great limes!). They look fabulous on the edge of our patio.

Here is a shot of the pond with my fabulous piggy standing guard. I can't tell you how many people have wanted to take that pig home with them!

Our two dogs and cat love to hang out at the pond. The kitty watches the fish with great interest. She even likes to drink out of the pond! I'm sooo afraid that one of these days one of the dogs is going to come up behind her and scare her and we'll have a wet kitty!

We are so fortunate to have fabulous fall weather in the valley. The mornings have been a bit brisk but I plan to spend the afternoon today lounging on the patio and reading a book. Tomorrow I'll share pics of the pond in it's fall glory.

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