Sunday, August 11, 2013

Decorating Fury

I'm exhausted from the mother of all sinus infections I brought back from Alaska with me.  I'm also pooped because I spent four hours yesterday working with my furniture store on ordering new furniture for the living room.  It's the first thing you see when you enter the house and it has had the Queen Bea's things in there since we moved in.  The Queen Bea is 90 years old and well, frankly, the house had too much of an old lady feel to suit us.  We're headed towards a more coastal casual feel.
We have ordered 7 new pieces of furniture and possibly will order one more. God Bless Universal Furniture for standing behind Paula Deen and her furniture line.  We have ordered several PD pieces and the big hutch for next year is from her newest line (replaces our groovy 80's oak entertainment unit).  Now I'm working on picking out lamps, a rug and a few other accessories (I like to incorporate as many of the existing accessories that have special meaning as possible).  The picture of the whale's fluke will be blown up to 30x40 and put on a canvas with a gallery wrap to hang over the mantel (I'm super excited about it).  We hope to have our personal stamp on this room by the holidays.
I'll try to get a few pics of some of the pieces posted soon.  Right now I'm off to run errands.  Toodles!

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