Sunday, August 18, 2013

Decorating...Phase 2

I told you we we're in a decorating fury (frenzy?) around here.  Last year we had the new hardwood floors (6" distressed birch plank in a medium/dark brown) and painted all of the "living" areas of the house.  We ordered new furniture and took delivery on these two sweet chairs with side table last week.
It doesn't look like it but they are both push-back recliners.  They are sooo comfy.  We use this room in the winter to read and relax (we have a fireplace in here and no t.v.)  The little bit of cream furniture you see in the foreground is the new coffee table (I told you I'm not a good photographer!).  When the new sofa arrives I'll take pics of it and the coffee table.  I thought I might go look at lamps today but I'm just not feeling it.  We need an 8x10 rug for this room and a 5x8 for the adjacent entry.  When you change just one thing in your house, you get a domino effect!  At least now we've mapped out our priority list so I'm feeling like this room will come together by the holidays, yay!

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